mak do text me
asking if im going home dis friday
my auntie wanna go back to kedah
n i jus answered to her
i couldnt make it
i have swimming practical n all
i dono if i still feel sad about they ignoring me n my result dat day
but,the truth is
the home never the same again
i feel sad about it
since al those action taken place
my house never lyke before at all
mak owez cry bcoz thinking about it make her sad
i couldnt do anything,feel deeply hurt too
when i talk to abg
the feeling is quite weird
less kasih syg thn b4
u know when trust been destroyed,nothing left
i tink,kakak never talk to abang nymore now
based until the las tyme we met each other 4 knduri amri
dat day,
he just asked me to send regard to her when we wanna go bck to kl
mybe abg feel guilty
abg oso,never back 2 kampung lyke b4
soo many excuses
even i feel bad about those thing,
i still wanna play wif adam,kakak n adek
jus take them home
im oke wif them
i dono if this mtter affect adek
she is soo tabah
she never cry lyke me
but i dono wat she feel inside
i just want THE OLD US

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