Our Ref: 10/352                      Please reply to Fax No : 03 7955 0214
5th October  2010

Aidil B Wan Aziz

Institut Penguruan  Ilmu Khas
Jalan Tenteram,
56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Tel. No : 019-3671 6248
Email   :

Dear  Aidil,


Warmest greetings from Azam Pandan Sdn Bhd at Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam.

Thank you for your interest in choosing Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam (KGPA) as a possible venue for your forthcoming event.  With regards to your recent enquiry, Azam Pandan Sdn Bhd (APSB) are pleased to propose the following arrangements:

Date                :           29th October 2010 (Friday)    

Venue             :           Garden Terrace         

Time                :           8.00pm – 11.30pm    

Attendance     :           200 Pax
Billing will be based on the minimum guaranteed Number of Persons, even if your actual attendance is less than the former. Should the actual attendance exceed the guaranteed number, we will bill you for the actual attendance on the day.

Seating            :           Round Table seating will be arranged.


Offer Validity :           This quotation shall be valid until  12th October  2010 , after which the booking

                                    will be released and placed for general sale on a“ FIRST COME FIRST SERVED ”


Menu              :           Please find attached our proposed BBQ menu for your references..

Room Rental   :           A rental charge of RM600.00 for the use of the Dewan Seroja will be levied.

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PA System      :           Our in-house PA System will be provided as part of above rental Charge.

Signage           :           Please advise the contents of your signage seven (7) days prior to the event date.
                                    Signages will be placed at the Main Lobby to enable your delegates to find your
                                    event room.

Parking           :           Parking at KGPA is complimentary to all guests.

Decorations    :           Please ensure that your contractors exercise care when putting up their
                                    decorations. No bolts, nails, tacks, pins or adhesives may be used on any of our
                                    walls, floors and/or furniture that may deface it/them.  Should any decorative
                                    items be left behind, any costs involved in removing them will be charged back
                                    to the organiser.

Storage            :           APSB will not be held liable for any damage or loss of equipment and materials
                                    before, during, or after the event. 

Confirmation :           A non-refundable deposit of 30%  from the estimated charges,is required on

12th October 2010 as to confirm your event booking .  Kindly return a signed    copy of this quotation for our records.

:           Upon confirmation of  your event, the prepayment schedule

below will apply: 

±    Full Prepayment of the balance is required to reach us no later than
27th Oct 2010, which is 2  working days prior to your event date
±    Should APSB fail to receive the above Full Prepayment balance by the stipulated date, we reserve the right to halt all arrangements, including denying access to the event room to you and your guests on the day of the event, until the cash amount in question is settled in full

Payment         :           APSB accepts payment by cash and/or cheques. Cheque payments
(Private/corp)             should be made payable to:-
                                    Company Name        : Azam Pandan Sdn Bhd
Account Number       : 2-14099-00039364
Bank                            : RHB BANK BERHAD

                        :           Alternatively, you can also make payment via Bank Transfer or Internet Banking. 
                                    All we need is a copy of the payment acknowledgement reference e-mail or
                                    bank-in details for our records.

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Terms & Conditions

1.                   The client will inform APSB of any changes in the number of guests seven (7) days  before the event.  For notification less than 7 days, the client will be charged at the price agreed for the number of guest guaranteed or the actual attendance on that day, whichever is higher.  

2.                   Any postponement or cancellation made after a confirmation has been made will be charged as follows:

a.                   For any postponements made more than 30 DAYS prior to event date , there will be no postponement charges
b.                   For any postponements or cancellation made less than 30 DAYS prior to event date, 50% of the estimated total event amount will be charged.
c.                    For any postponements or cancellation made less than 20 DAYS prior to event date, 80% of the estimated total event amount will be charged.
d.                   For any postponements or cancellation made less than 14 DAYS prior to event date, 100% of the estimated total event amount will be charged

3.                   Absolutely NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGES is to be served without APSB’s written approval.

4.                   The client shall be responsible for any damage to the furniture and fittings, equipment, crockery and any other items provided by APSB in the location.

5.                   Upon signing and returning this copy, the client undertakes to be responsible for the balance of payment and incidental charges occurred as per agreement.

6.                   APSB shall be discharged from the performance or further of its obligations with the organizer or other parties having enforceable rights against the venue upon the happening of any of the following  events:-

a)                   Act of God or Force of Nature
b)                   Any act, order, directive or restraint imposed by Government or other authority having power in that behalf
c)                   Fire, flood, pollution, contamination or explosion or any other loss affecting the premises
d)                  Any necessary and essential construction or renovation works to the premises, seizure under legal process, strike lockout, work stoppage or other restraint of labor either partial or general, from whatever causes.

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En Aidil, please accept our sincere gratitude for your consideration to select Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam as the venue for your up-coming event. If you require further information & clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please be rest assured that we at APSB will do everything within our power to ensure that your event will be a truly successfull one for you and your delegates.

Yours sincerely,                                                         I, _______________________________

For Azam Pandan Sdn Bhd                                        from ___________________________ understand and accept the Terms & Conditions stipulated in this quotation, and agree to abide by it.


………………………………..                                     ……………………………….

Mahani Yaakub                                                         En Aidil Wan Aziz
Sales & Banquet Coordinator                                                IPIK
017-960 2564                                                              05/10/2010

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BBQ Menu

Wild Mushroom Soup served with Rolls & Butter
* * * * *
Mixed Green Salad with Thousand Island
Potato Salad
Coleslaw & Dressing
* * * * *
Fried Rice Kampung Style
Fried Bee Hoon Singapore Style
Fried Kway Teow Ala Minute
Spaghetti Bolognaise
* * * * *
Juicy Chicken & Beef Satay with Condiments
Asian style Marinated Lamb Shoulders
BBQ Chicken
Grilled Fish (Pari, Kembung & Talapia)
Seafood Skewer
Blackpepper Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Mint Sauce
Tamarind Sauce
* * * * *
Mixed Fruits
(Watermelon, honeydew, papaya)
Assorted French Pastries
(Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate)
* * * * *
Barley Lime
Tea tarik

Menu price at RM50.00 nett per person

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En Aidil Wan Aziz                                                                                                   Date : 5/10/2010
IPIK                                                                                                                            Ref No : 10/352
Amount (RM)

Dinner at KGPA

RM50.00nett per person x 200pax

Room rental

Total (RM)

All cheque payments should be crossed and made payable to :-
A/C No : 2-14099-00039364
RHB Bank Branch

for Azam Pandan Sdn Bhd

Issued by                                                                                                       Received by

....................                                                                                                    ........................

to person who kindly involve in this :

1.abg aidil,thanx 4 da information :))

2.sape2 yg cakap aku putarbelit sal annual dinner n bayaran ni :
*im not da kind who gonna go n tell lie 2 other.ikot suke kau laa.kau yg buat cerita.cakap aku plak.lantak kau.xpyah nk senyom2 dgn aku lg.meluat!
kau yg ckp 35utk jamuan,20 utk beijing
[pdahal mmg kuar dr mulot kau,kau tduh aku plak kn]
bijak,kau bijak.
all those entry b4 bukn jus nk voicing out wut i,i offically dun care wut u think about me.bcoz it jus the voice of me.but,all i can c is,everyone is get mad at me about it.sooo,kindly SORRY :).

it jus a thought,my thought......

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