fatin che ros

dear syg,
dont be sad,bcoz i'll owez be wif u
even if,smtymes some of ur talk hurt me
[i'll be fine about it,even it was hurt,badly ;[ ]
its not dat im supporting u about keep doing the wrong thing in ur life
i just wanna u learn to love wat u did in ur life
dont force ur self
it wont go anywhere
i dont care who is telling u to do gud things
but 4 me,
no use if not sncere
wasting tyme,
 we will feel so bad about doing smthing bcoz
other people want us to
take ur tyme
i'll be here
waiting u wif smile
dont cry,if u cry
u r killing me softly
bcoz i couldnt stand see u feel bad
bcoz iluvu more thn myself
if smthing hppen 2u
[im not prying 4 bad things happpen,astagfirullah]
if i need to die 4 u,i  will
no hesitate about it,
Allah fated out lyfe in His best view

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